The word ‘tote’, which means ‘to carry’ can be traced all the way to the 17th century and was used liberally from the 20th century onwards. The elementary design of a tote is really quite basic; the typical outlines consist of one primary pocket, (sometimes with insets and dividers) and have closures of zippers, magnets or ties at the top apertures. The long strap handles are normally simple for easy hand-carrying or slung casually over one’s shoulders.

Tote bags are  large bags used for shopping or carrying a multitude of things. A typical bag has a sizable storage space for amassing everyday-used paraphernalia such as make-up, books, stationeries, lunches and even umbrellas. A good quality tote bag is an essential accessory for the contemporary woman. These multi-purpose bags are one of the most convenient ways of carrying everything you need.


Different Types of Tote Bags

For every possible occasion you can think of, a suitable tote bag is available. From casual totes to business ones, each provides a multitude of roles, both independently or combined. Some of the popular ones are;

  • Shopping totes – made from canvas to other durable fabrics to house groceries and other shopping items.
  • Casual everyday totes – these totes can be used for work or casual meetings, depending on the materials and design used.
  • Laptop totes – made from leather or other sustaining materials, these totes are designed to specifically accommodate laptops and with several compartments for documents.
  • Diaper totes – these totes are extra large in size to accommodate diapers, bottles, wet wipes and everything else a baby needs.
  • Laundry totes – spacious totes made from durable cloth like canvas or polyester for one to carry laundry.
  • Beach totes – usually made from washable fabric and spacious enough to hold beach needs like suntan oil, sunscreen, towels etc.
  • Sports totes/ Shoes totes – these are unisex totes with the exception of color choices and materials. Men’s totes tend to have sharper edges with buckles and are usually made of leather or suede.
  • Business totes – made from supple leather or heavy canvas for an extended lifestyle.
  • Travel totes – materials used for these totes are heavy to ensure strength and have several side compartments to store passports, tickets and other travel essentials.
  • Wine and Cheese totes – these totes are made from breathable and sturdy cotton to facilitate the storage of wine and cheese.
  • Evening totes – these totes are smaller in size and bedecked with sequins with shiny finishing like satin or silk.
  • Designer totes – produced by famous designers and fashion houses. They are usually quite expensive and have unique designs that comes with additional compartments and pockets.
  • Custom totes – the designs on these totes are often eye-catching with the use of wordings, famous characters, celebrities and taglines.
  • Personalized totes – these are personalized totes embellished with one’s photograph, pet’s pictures or anything else the heart desires.

A good tote bag can accommodate all your essentials without appearing too heavy. The compartments inside can be used to store smaller items such as keys and wallets, while the main body can necessitate all your other items. The classic tote bag will always be similar in shape; what changes most would probably be the materials and designs. Visit our online store for your classic tote bags with creative designs.




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