Stylish Coffee Mugs to Suit your Taste & Personality

We start our day with our normal routine like brushing teeth, bathing and most importantly having a cup of coffee. Everyone needs something special to kick-start their morning and get the day off to an amazing start. A great coffee mug to your morning ritual is a sure way to start off your day with a good laugh all day long.

Coffee mug holds our hot beverages like coffee, tea, cocoa, milk, etc. When having coffee, tea or other beverages at home or at the office, you should have the perfect mug to relish the flavor of your favorite brew for long.

Your choice of mug says a lot about you – an animal lover, motivator, wine appreciator or sparkly unicorn. We’ve got something for everyone. Say goodbye to boring mugs this year and get yourself some fresh stylish mugs.
Here are some important tips to help you find the perfect coffee mug;

1.The material of the mug 

The coffee mugs are available in a variety of materials which includes – Ceramic, Bone China and more. We suggest a ceramic or porcelain Mug as it bears large handles and it’s thick enough to keep the coffee insulated for long. Depending on your need, you should choose the mug made from the perfect material. If you love to have hot brew, it’s better to choose a mug made from porcelain or any other thick and strong material. Strong material would preserve the heat and freshness of your coffee for a longer duration. If you like to start your day with cold coffee, you should  select a mug that has a wider surface area.

  1.  The size of the mug

Coffee mugs are available in various sizes, on an average, the usual mugs are of 11Oz. or 325mL in capacity. They are perfect to hold by both hands. Choose the appropriate size you would like. Your size of coffee mug depends on your consumption level.

  1. The design of the mug

The design printed on coffee mugs reflects one’s individuality. When someone glances at your coffee mug while you’re sipping your favorite drink in it, they simply know the kind of person you are. It is imperative to consider the design of the mug before purchase. If you’re looking for a mug set for your guests, consider the other crockery items you have in your kitchen. The set must complement the other tablewares.

  1.  The height of the mug as compared to its width

    Scientifically, the more exposed mug is to the air, the less time it remains hot. So, if you want your coffee to stay warm all throughout, you should choose a mug that is taller than its width. However, if you prefer cold coffee of warm coffee, you may choose your mugs appropriately with a wider base.

  2.  Your utility pattern

    Any coffee lover can vouch that coffee tastes best when it’s fresh and warm. It is essential for the coffee to stay warm for a considerable period of time. If you take coffee regularly, you may choose your coffee mugs with insulated body in order to retain the temperature. And If you sip your coffee in a jiffy, you may choose any of the stylish designs that is available.


All the things we carry should reflect our taste and personality. At Cub rage, we provide ceramic mugs with hundreds of stylish designs which are microwave and dishwasher safe. These designs cut across categories like art, comics, animals and more. Why not choose from our wide variety of creative design mugs and wow your guests next time they pop round for a cup of tea. Also as a perfect gift for your loved ones and to make your morning a happy one every day!

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