“Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.” – John Fairchild

There are numerous hat types, though none are quite like the beanie.  Beanie communicates one word and that is “casual.” There is never a wrong time to wear a beanie. It is one of the most useful winter-worthy headwear to help you stay fashionable and warm with an add of fresh and casual touch to your look.

Beanies are quite fashionable with outfit that’s popular among men, women and kids and also preferred by most of the celebrities as well. People have a myth that beanies are worn only in winter but they are now in various fabrics that are preferred for regular days. They come in various styles, designs and it becomes difficult to choose the best and perfect one for yourself. You can easily purchase one where you have trendy collections of unisex beanies at an affordable price.

How to Wear a Beanie in 3 Different Ways

Wearing a beanie may not look anything serious. As a matter of fact, wearing a beanie is quite easy. But then, you can wear your beanie in several different styles to achieve different looks. You can make a good fashion statement with your beanie in these different styles;

  1. The Single Roll

A classic way to style a beanie, it is good for both chunkier and lightweight knits

Step One: Roll the brim once, making a cuff of 1–2 inches.

Step Two: Pull the beanie tight against your head, with the cuff centered in the middle of your forehead, slightly covering the tops of your ears.

2. The Double Roll

A classic, minimalist workwear style.

Step One: Double cuff a standard beanie, rolling the brim twice to create a 1-inch cuff. Or, single roll an already cuffed beanie.

Step Two: Pull the beanie tight against your head. The cuff should sit above the ears.

3. The Slouch

A laid-back approach to knit headwear, far more casual than the rolled alternatives.

Step One: Do not cuff the beanie. Wear it farther up your forehead, and let the edges cover at least half of your ears.

Step Two: Let the excess knitted material fold over on itself, falling from the back of your head towards your shoulders.

There are other styles like the classic, fisherman, faux-dora, straight up, etc. Note  that it is not just about the way you style and wear your beanie. You should keep in mind other important elements of your outfit while you put together your fashion ensemble for your day. This is the only manner in which you can put your beanie into a very good use.


Beanies are cool headwears to have regardless of your hair being straight, silky or curly. From the above mentioned beanie styles, you can be sure to get the best looks with your beanie irrespective of its texture. You can up your style game when you wear the right type of beanie, the right way and style it correctly. Visit our online store for wide variety of Cubrage’s unisex beanies with stylish designs at an affordable price.






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