Awesome LGBTQ Organizations We All Should Support!

1. Human Rights Campaign

As one of the largest civil rights organizations for the LGBTQI+, they’ve continued to take action and organize around local issues. With 1.5 million supporters and members nationwide, they just launched their Summer of Action efforts. It isn’t too late to get involved or donate here.

2. Live Out Loud

Committed to helping the LGBT community “live out and free,” Live Out Loud utilizes mentorship, discussion and community initiatives to empower youth. Some of their programs include panels and discussions on issue concerning the community and the Homecoming Project where LGBT role models return to their local high school to connect with other LGBT youth. You can help them make it all happen with just adonation here.

3. True Colors Fund

The True Colors Fund cited that out of the 1.6 million youth that identified as homeless, 40 percent of them were LGBTQ youth. Since 2008, the non-profit organization the True Colors Fund has three main strategies to end homelessness of LGBTQ youth: advocacy, training/education and youth collaboration. To help them continue their work, donate here.

4. National Black Justice Fund

To tackle the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality, the National Black Justice Coalition has stood behind black LGBTQ people since 2003. They not only opposed the American Healthcare Act, but also encouraged community members to call their local representative. Continue to help them support the unique experiences of the black LGBT community and donate here.

5. InterACT

Advocates for Intersex Youth or InterACT was founded in 2006 by attorney Anne Tamar Mattis. Their mission is to end painful medical interventions of intersex children, support intersex children and educate on the legal questions surrounding intersex children. Support their legal advocacy here with a donation.

6. Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality

Formerly known as the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA), Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality was founded in 1981. They not only support anti-discrimination initiatives for LGBT health care professionals, but also inclusive healthcare. Donate here to support LGBT healthcare professionals, patients and their families.

7. The Association of LGBTQ Journalists

If you’ve ever wondered how more LGBTQ members can continue to report important stories from their community, this association is a way to support the cause. The Association of LGBTQ Journalists ( NLGJA) is a network of media professionals all dedicated to ethical coverage for an underrepresented community. Donate here to help share inclusive reporting.

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