How to choose a graphic design T-Shirt

T shirts are a must-have for everyone. Graphic tees are often priceless to us especially if we love the design or if they create an element of history. The designs on t-shirts are often the things we choose to identify with. For big brands and clothing lines, t-shirts are often free advertising.

Talking about identity, the designs on your t-shirts speak a lot about your personality. Some may decide to have a plain t-shirt which I consider a boring thing to do while some have some heavy graphics on the shirts they wear.

Identity matters. From your t-shirt design, I can tell if you are straight, gay or bi. You don’t want to be misrepresented because you wore the wrong t-shirt. Well, some people do.

Where can I get some cool graphic tees for straight or gay people?

Graphic designs are very difficult to choose. However, there are some factors to consider and they are:

  1. Matching graphic design
  2. Budget
  3. Type of print
  4. T-shirt type
  5. Matching graphic design

First, why do you need a t-shirt? What type of t-shirt matches your reason? Are you attending a party or you just want something affordable?

You may be picking a design because it is the perfect gift for your spouse or friend. You may also be purchasing for merchandise or for souvenirs.

Whatever your reason is, you need a perfect design that will make you look fabulous.

You may want to list a few things like your personality, favourite colour and style. When you have done this, you should proceed to the next step.

  1. Budget

If you want a great t-shirt with a dope graphic design, you must be able to pay the price. One truth is graphic tees can be highly priced. Notwithstanding, you can get great designs for men, women and gay on which ships worldwide. You also get a 15% discount on items when you spend up to $49.99.

You can pick from the ready-made graphic tees on the ecommerce platform. My favourite T-shirt is the Team Thick.

  1. Type of Print

Of course this is a quintessential thing to consider while picking graphic tees. Some of the popular prints are:

  1. Screen Printing which is quite affordable and ideal for bulk production. It is more affordable than other types of print.
  2. Vinyl Graphics which is the use of vinyl in place of ink for image transfer. It is durable but costs a little more than screen printing. It is not great for large orders.
  3. Direct-to-garment Print is a type of ink that allows direct ink printing on the fabric. It is not sustainable on dark-coloured fabric and is advisable for few orders.
  4. Type of t-shirt

This are the most important factor as it determines the type of print and outcome of the design.

Cub rage has considered all these factors and carefully chosen the best designs and shirt type. With the customer’s budget in mind, cub rage makes sure everyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation has something to match their personality.

Do you need help on picking a good graphic tee?

Check out today and you won’t regret it.

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